Bethel Estate Projects

The strategic intent of the Founders of Bethel STRATEGIC POSITIONING STRATEGIC PARTNERS Farm is to invest capital funding into the crop precinct as the first priority aligning with needs and requirements of the local retail sector in South Africa. Strategic partnerships will be forged with research institutions to enhance the yield on the farm on a regular and scientific basis.


Main Projects

This sector with high profit margins and where there is high produce demand. It is also a specialised field where not many farmers are working in and whose market has both local and export demand. However, with the help of Kohwa Holdings who have the knowledge and key staff with many years of experience in this type of farming, the company will thrive.

Bethel Farm

Bethel Farm is a self sustaining agricultural project, aimed at creating employment and generating income for the community and surrounding area, by concentrating on being locally inclusive.


Bethel Hotel

Bethel Hotel will employ the local community and be a showcase of local skills and also to show off the locally produced produce. World class accomodation with a service driven approach to all it's guests.


Bethel Academy

Bethel Academy's main goal is the empowerment of our people through education. Open to everyone nationally, Education is key to the sustained growth of our country and all of it's people.